Momma Nature™ has spoken to book, garden and bridge clubs as well as non-profit companies such as Soroptomists International, Optimists and Lions Clubs. She presented five talks on native plants at the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta several years ago. As Director of the 1994 Minneapolis Writers' Workshop conference, she invited and then introduced all the speakers for this most financially successful event. When she was VP of Atlanta Writers Club, she gave a speech on guided imagery to improve creativity in writing. An avid lover of Girl Scouts, she has taught Organic Gardening to leaders of Cobb County (GA) as well as served on a board to hear a girl scout give her Gold Scout Award in Entrepreneurship. She was also mentor to a GS for a native plant garden at the young woman's church. Other speeches include Landscaping Naturally; Rain Barrels and other water saving Ideas; and Perennials for Drought. Momma Nature™ is available as a speaker for your organization. Whether you want to hear a talk about her personal experiences of owning companies or any of the other topics below, know you will be listening to a speaker who gives from her heart in every seminar.

The former VP of Alpharetta Writers' Group wrote the following

"Carole has the magic to draw you out out of your own comfort zone into your field of imagination, creation and new expressions of words with her introduction in each workshop gathering. After the usual greetings she will ask you to close your eyes and join her into the land of creation and imagine being inside her story. Following this travel in story land you will be encouraged to write down your own story based on the images you had formed in your head. The first time the results may not be what you had expected of yourself, but after several meetings the results will be rewarding and engaging. It is well worth the time and effort to join in these mental exercises as a group and participate in the follow-up discussions."

Southeastern Writers Association Former Vice President Atlanta Writers Club

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Encouragement for Entrepreneurs


Small business ownership WHAT NOT TO DO! How the "take a deep breath and plunge method works for some but not so well for others" or How I Ran Four Businesses at Once

Guided Imagery


Momma Nature™ has used this focused meditation to help writers in her various groups. For three years she ran the Alpharetta Writers Group and began each meeting with this form of creative brainstorming. It has to be experienced to be believed. Attendees wear comfortable clothing to get as relaxed as possible. This concept is ideal for retreat settings and writers' workshops and conferences.

On Being Natural


Momma Nature™ has been saving the natural world for over 50 years, beginning when she was just a child. She has been recycling since her children were tiny and has volunteered as a master gardener for over five hundred hours. Her landscape company, Momma Nature Landscaping, begun in 2000 and closed in 2009, it was all-natural, no chemicals were used in client's lawns or gardens. This talk is based on her interactions with children and adults on issues concerning non-toxic living

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Oxalis Triangularis

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