Momma Nature Naturalist Preserving Nature
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Momma Nature Naturalist Preserving Nature

About Momma Nature™

Nature Preservation is my history and a major reason I am called Momma Nature™."

Momma Nature™ has been saving the natural world for over fifty years!

Momma Nature™ teaching about dried flowers at a Chamber of Commerce event in GA

Momma Nature™ teaching about dried flowers

T.V. shows have been filmed in my gardens in GA. This You Tube video was shot a few years ago by my friend Ryan Bousquet. He is now in the Navy and I am most grateful to him for the many gifts he shared with me. He also wrote original music for a t.v. show I filmed at Penny McHenry's lovely Hydrangea Heaven. How very grateful I am for the many friends who have encouraged and supported me over the years.

Momma Nature™ serving calming Valerian Tea to a local celebrity.
Bignonia Crossvine - Photography by Momma Nature™
  • Master Naturalist
  • Master Gardener
  • Native Plant Expert
  • Owner and operator of
  • Published free lance writer since 1988
  • Published poet - was invited to read my poetry at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta for a Renaissance celebration
  • Director of the 1994 Minneapolis Writers Workshop Conference
  • VP Atlanta Writers - early 2000's
  • Founder - Alpharetta Writers Workshop and Wilmington (NC) Writers Workshop
  • Leader and Entrepreneur
  • Master Networker (owned two networking companies for years)
  • Business consultant
  • Landscaper and Landscape consultant
  • Trained in sustainable practices through Southface Energy Institute
  • Green before it was fashionable
  • Composting since childhood when Mom had us dump all scraps into her wondrously rich compost pile
  • Mother of two successful adults
  • Radio Show "Momma Nature's Women’s World" - Radio Sandy Springs - 2 years

Friends with all levels of environmentalists - from permaculture practitioners to builders of Green homes; from children first learning about our Earth to the elderly who are trying to become green late in life; from the very poor to the ridiculously wealthy: Momma Nature™ loves and teaches all how to protect and honor the earth.

Swamp Mallow

Growing over 12' high in years where there is ample rain, this wondrous flower draws hummingbirds and more insects that I can count. Taken in front of Fern Leaf Fennel foliage in Momma Natures Garden.
Swamp Mallow - Photography by Momma Nature™

Momma Nature™ has always loved this delicate native which she began saving in native plant saves operated by the North Carolina Wildflower Preservation Society in Greensboro, NC when she was just seven years old.
The United States FDA has approved the inclusion of sanguinarine (a chemical found in Bloodroot) in toothpastes as an antibacterial or anti-plaque agent. Native Americans used the root for dyes and medicinals but I'll only take pictures of their beauty.
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Momma Nature Naturalist Preserving Nature